I will be your personal go to web consultant for your web development project to ensure that:

  • You are not being ripped off : Please let me look at your quote before you commit! I have seen some ridiculous quotes for basic development.
  • You are getting what you are paying for: Let me go over your project specs and your prospective web development / web design company’s proposal before you commit. I will liase directly with them if necessary to ask relevant questions and share knowledge so that we can work together to come up with streamlined solutions that don’t cost you the earth.
  • Your developer is working as promised and not just “working on the back-end” : That’s a web developer joke but all too common! I can assist you with monitoring the timelines of your site’s design and development to make sure that you hit your project deadline and that your team is not wasting time and resources.
  • That your design and development team are not taking shortcuts that will impact your project negatively over time: Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but developers have bad days as well and can skip vital parts of the development process to saves themselves time. It’s technical stuff but this can impact your site seriously and add unexpected expenses over time.
  • That your team does a site “finish” : There are super important aspects to finishing off a website “correctly” such as security, automated backups, cross browser checks, optimisation (or Google will hate you and you will have a great site that nobody can find!) and validation of code. I will be your eagle eye on the more technical aspects of the development of your site and help your team finish it in full.

    And that goes for the design “finish” as well, by the way. That is important as well!
  • That your hosting is the correct package with the correct bells and whistles for the business or profile that you want to share with the world.
  • Ps. Security. Security. Security.
  • That your web designer is using web standard practices that work across all devices and browsers

Training for Design, Development and WordPress

  • I can offer you training so that you can manage your WordPress website on your own and save yourself development and maintenance costs moving forward
  • I can offer you training to become an online web developer or designer and help you launch your business

Please send me an email @: nicole@designunltd.co.za to connect with me so that I can find out more about how I can be of assistance to you.


Consultation rates: R1250 p/hour (online only – I work via Skype / Zoom / Google Hangouts / Slack or can connect to a channel of your preference)