Here I am.

Well. This is 10 years ago when I was younger and full of hope.

I went on from here to build an online web development business out of necessity. And because I love the internet and it’s capacity to grant you any wish on the fly.

Like learning web development.

I am older now. And some wiser. But I still have a lot to learn. Because things change quickly online.

So let’s work together. Because that is how learning happens best.

The Story

It’s long because I’m old so skip it and just contact me if you need me.

I am self taught. I was broke and I didn’t want to leave a young child and go back to an office situation.

So I began to freelance in design as that was my training. Well. Fine Art to be exact but I had an eye.

I’m not a great designer (mid-range I would say), but I have worked with some incredibly talented and highly qualified international designers and I have learned a lot in the process, so I can tell you if your designer is decent as well.

So there I was – struggling along building my design business – when someone asked me if I could build a website for them. In between before and then I had also worked in an online ticketing environment, building seating plans for major venues, and had begun to learn HTML and web design out of interest.

And then – the ask for a website.

I knew little.

Very little.

But I said yes because I needed the work and I was interested in web development. Great learning opportunity.

So I learned on the fly. Google and online tutorials.

Love the internet.

It’s all there for you if you have the time and the inclination. (If you want to get in to web development I am happy to share knowledge on how to get you up and running. )

“Nothing is impossible.”
– The Doorknob – Alice in Wonderland

It took me 4 weeks too long to develop that website. But I did it.

And I went back and redid that website for free 5 years later when I knew how shit the code was.

Because that is how I roll.

I live an honest life. I like to do the right thing. I am a giver, not a taker, and it is not all about the money for me. I do pro bono web development for people that need help and are doing good when I have time. That is the point, right?

Having said that I have now stepped back from development myself in a bid to finally have more time with my kids. So my time is valuable and I am more professional about billing for it!

But anyway… over many long days and nights, and a LOT of weekend work, building websites for people at often ridiculous rates (in the beginning), I managed to get myself into the top 14 freelancers out of around 600 000 on an online freelancing site.

They say it takes 10 000 hours to become and expert. I have done far more hours in my efforts to give people value for money and great service.

My experience is hands on. The school of life – better, I think.

So many many hours, long days, and long nights, desk bound and intent on learning and researching the best current design trends and web practices. Because it takes more than a decent design to make a website great. And I like to do things as well as I can.

Here is my profile on the freelancing site – it has not been used for some time as I built up good relationships with regular clients over the years and had no need to source additional work, so I have lost my place in the top 14 and have shut down the option to be available for work on their site.

But I still have that 5 star rating 🙂

So there it is.

I work hard. And I like to help people. And I hate dishonesty. Strong word. But relevant here.

Then someone asked me if I could build a WordPress website.

So I did that as well.

I hated WordPress in the beginning to be honest. I thought it was more limited than coding by hand. But when I really got into it and saw what they have put together and I learned how to use it properly I fell in love with it completely. It is an amazing platform. Just incredible.

There are many WordPress “experts” (and web professionals) out there who will tell you that they are gurus. Or ninjas. Run a mile if anyone in this industry professes that. Please.

Things change fast online. People get lazy. People get greedy. And people become comfortable with what they know and stop learning. You can’t. Being good at this requires constantly learning new techniques and keeping up with new coding practices and development methods that Google likes. (They have taken over the internet, huh? Couple of smart kids with fresh ideas. Wow! I like Google.)

Because the internet! And change. It happens quickly here. There is some advice for free. Please do your research – or let me do it for you if you want to save yourself some time.

In addition. People take short cuts and miss things that I have found to be really important for the final finish of a site. And I’m talking about big web development companies that charge a ton for their services doing this as well.

Bigger is not always better and WordPress is a different animal entirely.

So I’m here if you want to chat a bit more about your project. I am almost 100% certain that I can save you time (and money) and I am on your team to make sure that you are getting decent development at fair rates. Done “correctly”.

I can also liase with your design team to help them provide the correct file types to your developer to keep your website fast and properly mobile responsive.

And if I can’t, I will tell you straight off. I’m like that.

Please contact me to book an hour consultation to go over your project specs. I may not even charge you for the time. Because I’m like that as well.

With thanks,