Web development & web design consultant / WordPress training.

This page is breaking all the rules of good web design and development.

Okay – maybe not ALL the rules, but the important ones. And it is hard to tell why unless you know quite a bit more about how this all works.

With over 10 years hands on experience in writing custom WordPress Themes – by hand – from scratch – yes – I am a bit OCD about doing web development the “right”way… and WordPress in particular.

I have retired from development myself but am now happy to share my experience in the field (and I have more than the required 10 000 hours to enable me to confidently do this for you at this juncture) with you at affordable rates as always (I consider myself a rare specimen – an honest web developer – and my longstanding clients will attest to this).

I have clients going back the full ten years. Wow. Time flies when you’re on the internet.

I detest dishonesty. It’s a thing.

So I am now offering consulting for your website projects, along with hosting and domain services in partnership with the #1 leading service provider in this arena.

Please get hold of me to chat about how I can work with you to facilitate you getting the most out of your website design and / or web development project at fair rates with quality development practices.


Your personal go to web consultant for your web development project to ensure that you get bang for your buck on deadline.

Online 1 on 1 training in Web Design, Web Development and WordPress

There is more to developing a high quality website than meets the eye. I will be your eagle eye. And I will save you money. I’ve got your back!

Please send me an email @: nicole@designunltd.co.za to connect with me so that I can find out more about how I can be of assistance to you.


Consultation rates: R1250 p/hour (online only – I work via Skype / Zoom / Google Hangouts / Slack or can connect to a channel of your preference)